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Small Town Beach Culture

I will work to preserve our small town character and the unique aesthetic heritage of our neighborhoods, parks, downtown area, and streetscapes. I will support our sense of community through family-friendly events and by honoring our city’s rich history.

Vibrant Local Economy

I will help our local businesses flourish by cutting unnecessary regulations and championing supportive city policies. We need to encourage local events that promote our businesses. And I will work to attract new, diverse businesses that meet local needs.

Public Safety

I will use my public safety experience to ensure adequate staffing of our police and firefighters. I will be an advocate for updating our police station and assisting Los Angeles County Fire Department with building a state-of-the-art neighborhood fire station. And I will ensure that our streets, bikeways, and sidewalks are safe for all of us to use.


We must continue to work with our neighboring cities to help get homeless individuals and families into permanent housing, while investing in programs that keep people in their homes. We need to connect those in need with supportive services – both physical and mental healthcare to ensure they get the assistance they need.

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Responsible fiscal management is a priority of mine. With a degree in finance, along with a Master of Public Administration, I have the knowledge base and experience to effectively balance our city budget.

Sewer Fund

I will guarantee that the money the city collects in this restricted fund for our sewers is spent in the most efficient manner, helping improve this vital, invisible infrastructure.


Our parks promote healthy lifestyles and allow us to enjoy ample open space for all residents and visitors. We need to efficiently manage capital improvement projects in our parks to renovate play equipment and provide clean restrooms.


Our library has served the community since 1962 and was last refurbished almost 20 years ago. We need a facility that will serve the needs of our community now and going forward another 20 years. This will allow us to expand educational offerings in our community for children as well as adults.

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I have seen the effects of climate change first hand while fighting historic wildfires throughout the state. We must ensure our community is doing our part in protecting the planet through effective city policies. I will be a staunch advocate for passing on the flourishing, sustainable environment we enjoy today to the next generation.

Storm Water Infiltration

Our community needs to capture the storm water runoff to help keep our ocean clean for our beach-goers, surfers and marine life. We should pursue smaller, alternative projects in Hermosa Beach for storm water infiltration. We will need to work with our neighboring cities to find an alternative location to help capture the runoff from the Herondo Drain Watershed.

North School

Living in close proximity to North School, I have listened to my neighbors for the last year try to ensure our neighborhood is minimally impacted. Overwhelmingly the community wants a brand new school, but they’re also concerned over traffic and the safety of our children. We need to work with the school district to ensure a mutually beneficial solution to these issues.

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