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I moved to Hermosa Beach nine years ago. I fell in love with the beach environment, and when I got married three years ago, my wife and I knew this was the place where we wanted to start our family.

We now have a daughter, 18 months old, and the experience of parenting has given me an even deeper appreciation of our city. With her I now spend much more time in our parks and library. While pushing her around town in a stroller, I notice the conditions of our sidewalks and the safety of our streets. I see how our city infrastructure impacts our quality of life and determines our level of public safety. I know how much families with young children and seniors depend on our city resources, and I want to make sure our city council meets the needs of all our residents.

On the professional front, I am a firefighter for the City of Riverside. I have a long commute to work, but every time I return home I’m reminded of how lucky my family and I are to live in Hermosa Beach.  In my work I see how city planning and preparedness can save lives.  I want to use my expertise as a public safety professional to guarantee that our city council factors in public safety in each of its decisions.

I have a bachelor’s degree in finance and master’s degree in public administration, and I am a fiduciary trustee of the Southern California Firefighter’s Benefit Trust. The trust has 40 million dollars in assets under management and is about the same size as the budget of Hermosa Beach. If elected, I will use my education and experience to strengthen the city’s fiscal profile.

I’ve shared with you what motivates me to run for city council, and why I believe I am prepared to focus on the most important issues facing our city. I look forward to meeting with you and learning how the city can serve you better. Please take the time to contact me using the form on my website. I hope to earn your vote so I can be your voice on the Hermosa Beach City Council.  

When I first learned that my great-grandfather had been president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and that he played an important role in the development of the Los Angeles International Airport, I was inspired by his example to be of service to my community. That’s why I became a firefighter, why I served on the Hermosa Beach Emergency Preparedness Commission, and why I’m seeking to serve on our City Council.

About Michael Detoy

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